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Top 125 Vendors To Watch
InformationWeek Staff,
InformationWeek and its sister publications Dark Reading and Network Computing have teamed up to bring you a roundup of the hottest vendors in cloud, data management, DevOps, infrastructure, and security. The 125 vendors you'll find here range from established players making strides in their markets to newcomers setting the stage for the future.
By InformationWeek Staff ,
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25 Cloud Vendors Worth Watching
Charles Babcock, Editor at Large, Cloud
Cloud services are firmly established in the fabric of IT staff operations as necessary and growing ingredients of enterprise computing. No matter your business model or industry vertical, chances are that you've already made strides into the cloud and are looking at additional resources. With that in mind, we offer a roundup of 25 options to consider in your cloud ecosystem -- including cloud services for public, private, and hybrid options, as well as management and monitoring tools.
By Charles Babcock Editor at Large, Cloud,
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InformationWeek 2016 Salary Survey: 10 Best-Paying IT Jobs
Susan Nunziata, Editorial Director
Median base annual salary for IT workers was flat this year, according to the results of the InformationWeek 2016 US IT Salary Survey. Still, certain roles -- including architect, project leader, and security specialist -- are commanding much higher median salaries than other roles. See if you're in one of the 10 best-paying IT staff positions -- and how your total compensation stacks up.
By Susan Nunziata Editorial Director,
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Biometric Skimmers Pose Emerging Threat To ATMs
Jai Vijayan, Freelance writer
Even as financial institutions move to shore up ATM security with biometric mechanisms, cybercrooks are busy figuring out ways to beat them.
By Jai Vijayan Freelance writer,
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SWIFT CISO: Cyber Threat 'Persistent'
Dark Reading Staff,
Alain Desausoi describes threat as persistent, and says there's been progress in combating it via new SWIFT initiatives.
By Dark Reading Staff ,
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Education Now Suffers The Most Ransomware Attacks
Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor at Dark Reading
New data shows ransomware rates worldwide doubling and tripling in past 12 months.
By Kelly Jackson Higgins Executive Editor at Dark Reading,
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Central Banks Set Up Team To Oversee Cybersecurity
Dark Reading Staff,
Bangladesh Bank $81-million heist acts as a wake-up call to banks to protect inter-bank transfer networking from cyberattacks.
By Dark Reading Staff ,
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3 Ways CIOs Can Take The Pain Out Of Digitization
Andrew Horne, IT Practice Leader, CEB
When Andrew Horne, IT practice leader at consulting firm CEB, talks with IT professionals about digitization, the term itself is often greeted with eye rolling. But it's a buzzword business leaders are excited about. Horne shares his insights on how CIOs and other IT leaders can help define it in concrete terms -- and move the business forward in the process.
By Andrew Horne IT Practice Leader, CEB,
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How FinTech Disruptors Are Rewriting The Rules
Jim Nash,
Blockchain, smart contracts, and predictive analytics are among the financial service technologies reshaping the ways transactions are conducted and customers are served. With a rash of startups threatening to disrupt legacy operations, organizations of all sizes are turning to the latest technologies to improve their offerings.
By Jim Nash ,
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Do You Really Have Big Data, Or Just Too Much Data?
Brian Lee, Practice Leader, CEB
Brian Lee, a practice leader in CEBís compliance and legal practice, keeps a keen eye on the information overload happening at enterprises. Here he provides insight into the dangers of collecting data for its own sake, and offers six questions IT professionals can start asking to create a sensible data retention strategy.
By Brian Lee Practice Leader, CEB,
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What Does It Take To Be A Real IT Leader?
Elliot Luber, Assistant Professor of Business Management & Leadership, SUNY
Elliot Luber is a visiting assistant professor of business, management, and leadership at SUNY Empire State College's School for Graduate Studies. Here, he shares his views on what it means to achieve true leadership in IT by balancing the transformational and the transactional.
By Elliot Luber Assistant Professor of Business Management & Leadership, SUNY,
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3 Tips For Successful IT Talent Retention
Dawn Kawamoto, Freelance Writer and Editor
Recruiting and hiring new IT employees is expensive and time consuming. Once you've gone through all that effort and cost, do you really want to see your top talent walk out the door? If not, you'll want to review the tactics CIOs use most often to attract and retain talent.
By Dawn Kawamoto Freelance Writer and Editor,
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9 Ways IT Can Ruin Its Relationship With The Business
Susan Nunziata, Editorial Director
Aligning IT and business units sounds fantastic in theory. But when the rubber meets the road, IT leaders face unique challenges as they strive to engage and collaborate with business-side colleagues. InformationWeek surveyed 100 IT leaders about their biggest mistakes. Here's what they revealed about the ever-evolving relationship between business and IT.
By Susan Nunziata Editorial Director,
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Why I Banned Non-Compete Clauses From Our Hiring Practices
Jordan Cram, CEO, Enstoa
Like so many tech company founders, Jordan Cram, CEO of Enstoa, thought including non-compete clauses in employee contracts was a way to protect his company. Here, he tells us what led him to reconsider the conventional wisdom and do away with non-compete clauses altogether, and how his company has benefited as a result.
By Jordan Cram CEO, Enstoa,
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Are IT Professionals Too Good At Math?
Elliot Luber, Assistant Professor of Business Management & Leadership, SUNY
Elliot Luber is a visiting assistant professor of Business, Management and Leadership at SUNY Empire State College's School for Graduate Studies. Here, he shares his guidance on how to leave the comfort zone of "Math Land" and apply your skills to solving real business challenges.
By Elliot Luber Assistant Professor of Business Management & Leadership, SUNY,
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SWIFT Reveals New Hacking Attempts On Member Banks
Dark Reading Staff,
Banks being pushed to meet November 19 deadline for updated security features, including stronger password rules.
By Dark Reading Staff ,
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IT Salary Outlook 2017: Starting Pay On The Rise
Dawn Kawamoto, Freelance Writer and Editor
Starting salaries for IT professionals are expected to rise an average of 3.8% in 2017 compared with 2016. Find out which IT jobs are projected to see the greatest salary increases next year.
By Dawn Kawamoto Freelance Writer and Editor,
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Analytics-Driven Innovation: Where Does IT Fit?
Sharad Sachdev, Managing Director, Accenture Analytics, Innovation Lead
Sharad Sachdev, managing director and innovation lead at Accenture Analytics, tells us how to encourage an analytics-driven culture of innovation, and how you, as an IT professional, can make the most of the tools at your disposal.
By Sharad Sachdev Managing Director, Accenture Analytics, Innovation Lead,
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IDC: IT Spending To Hit $2.7 Trillion By 2020
Nathan Eddy, Freelance Writer
Companies that invest in third platform services such as cloud, mobility, and big data as part of their digital transformation efforts will drive IT spending growth, according to IDC.
By Nathan Eddy Freelance Writer,
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Russian Hacker Convicted of 38 Counts Related To PoS Hack Scheme
Dark Reading Staff,
Sold 2 million credit cards and defrauded banks of $169 million.
By Dark Reading Staff ,
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