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Although compliance, customer retention and efficient use of resources are not new imperatives for financial institutions, today's economic and competitive environment is creating new pressures on banks to regain trust, drive revenues and improve profits, all while reducing costs and risks. In their efforts to address these challenges, however, many banks overlook a critical strategy: workforce optimization. Yes, there's lots of rhetoric out there about people being an organization's most important asset - but how do you put that into action? How can banks guarantee their employees, at all levels, are consistently delivering quality service to customers? What kinds of tools can help an organization improve the productivity of its workforce? How do you gain visibility into costs, performance, compliance and revenues?

Learn how to really optimize your organization's most vital asset - its people - at this timely half-day forum, where top financial services insiders will provide insights and resources that can help banks compete more effectively and profitably. Among the take-aways:

  • How lean practices help banks deploy the right people on the right processes and products at the right time.
  • Understanding the labor costs associated with specific products, services and customers.
  • Tools for improving employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Strategies for identifying and developing the most critical skills and capabilities within your workforce.
  • Increasing operational efficiency while minimizing compliance risks.
  • Driving collaboration and team building.
  • Success stories: Mastering the workforce optimization challenge.