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About This Company:

Arius Software has been the chosen Enterprise Account Openingplatform and professional services partner of leading North American financial services firms. Our flagship product, OpenAdvantage, enables wealth management firms to attract new customers, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs by creating a superior personalized account opening experience. With the adoption of OpenAdvantage, our customers frequently accelerate the account opening and update processes by 50%, while dramatically reducing costs and abandonment rates.

By automating and institutionalizing best practices, OpenAdvantage enables multi-product and part-time sales teams to execute as efficiently as focused seasoned professionals, with minimal training. OpenAdvantage can support multiple sales channels including self-serve account opening ( e.g. on-line brokerages), client representative's teams (e.g. private client and brokerages) as well as channel distribution (e.g. mutual funds and clearing firms).

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