ERM: Business Imperatives and Implementation Readiness

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Source: EMC
Date: August 2008
Type: White Paper
Rating: (5)

Overview: Enterprise Rights Management (ERM) compliments existing information security technologies. This report by The Gilbane Group includes a brief recap of the history of ERM, an outline of the ERM market study, and highlights of the survey results. This ERM market study was designed to examine the progress ERM has made in the market over the past few years and to assist ERM vendors in positioning the technology to their customers. The structured primary research for the study included a detailed online survey of over 200 IT, security, and content management executives at companies across various industries. Survey results highlights include the following. Awareness of ERM has increased over the past few years. The financial services industry is showing the most uptake of ERM. ERM is becoming popular for supporting information usage regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (accounting) and HIPAA (healthcare). IT managers and executives are the decision-makers on ERM. A large proportion of respondentsí organizations are implementing (or will implement) ERM integrated with CMS or some variant of content management technology. Read this report to see the most comprehensive, publicly available research on the ERM market ever undertaken.

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