Does Your Risk Management Approach Pass the Sink or Swim Test?

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Source: Informatica
Date: September 2010
Type: White Paper
Rating: (4)

Overview: The lack of sound counterparty and customer risk management was a key culprit behind the recent recession and failure of large financial institutions such as AIG. Now institutions are rethinking how to strengthen their risk management capabilities to minimize exposure while optimizing capital reserves.

This executive brief provides an expert look at how your organization can sharpen its visibility into complex and multidimensional risk data amid volatile conditions. Author Bill Bradway, an independent consultant and 30-year financial services veteran, outlines how to:
• Accurately quantify counterparty risk with a single view of reference data across the institution
• Optimize capital reserves for compliance with Basel II requirements
• Improve response agility to volatile conditions and adverse events

Spotlighting lessons learned from AIG’s failure and federal bailout, this brief outlines key challenges and considerations for using master data management (MDM) to achieve comprehensive, global visibility into the risk dynamics of counterparties and customers, contracts and transactions, financial instruments, lines of business, and more.

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