Addressing Advanced Fraud Threats: In Today's Mobile Environment

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Source: Entrust, Inc.
Date: April 2011
Type: White Paper
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Overview: While mobile banking applications have yet to be adopted by mainstream users, they are being deployed by financial institutions around the world and are being used by early adopters for basic transactions, such as checking account balance, paying bills and transferring money. But there is a clear relationship between those doing their banking online and those early adopters of mobile banking. And the security of online banking and mobile banking, which remains a concern for both, is a distinct barrier to growth. With the frequency and complexity of fraud attacks increasing—and the morphing of traditional fraud attacks into the mobile space— financial institutions need to become more aggressive in implementing online and mobile security; and they need to look beyond traditional security measures that don’t apply in the mobile environment.

In this whitepaper you will learn:

• Why financial institutions should capitalize on mobile opportunities

• About the latest online and mobile threats

• How mobile devices can be leveraged by financial institutions to enhance security for users

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