Capture and Business Process: Drivers and Experiences of Content-Driven Processes

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Source: Kofax
Date: July 2011
Type: White Paper
Rating: (5)

Overview: Over the years, we have charted a slow but steady increase in the number of organizations transitioning from basic scanning of paper documents for archive, to the more sophisticated recognition and capture of multi-format content as input to business processes. We have frequently recorded a strong return on investment performance from these scanning and capture projects, but, as evidenced by this year's results, there is a considerable variation in levels of adoption and maturity across this increasingly broad spectrum of activities.

In this report, we set out to measure the investment drivers in more depth, looking at various capture strategies, including outsourcing. We also look at capture integration with key enterprise systems and compare sourcing preferences for business process management (BPM) products and modules.

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