How to Get Your Capture Driven Project Approved: Get the Most Out Of Your ROI

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Source: Kofax
Date: February 2012
Type: White Paper
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Overview: With capital expenditure requests getting more and more scrutiny and even downright declined out of hand, it is more important than ever to correctly and completely state the entire return on investment on any process improvement or automation project. This white paper will help lines of business owners, business transformation directors, and project managers capture not only the most obvious areas for savings but more importantly, those often overlooked areas for hard and soft dollar savings.

This white paper will detail out gaps in routine processes, sources of over-utilized headcount, redundant processes and resources, and penalties that may accrue as a result of your current, manual processes; just to name a few. The result will be a better defined and more crisply articulated business case with a larger return on investment that will get your project noticed and funded sooner.

Reading this whitepaper you will learn:

How to identify and articulate the often overlooked areas for savings and improvement

How to maximize your ROI and get your project funded sooner

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