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Using Predictive Analytics to Take Banking Relationships to the Next Level
Date: Sep 19, 2014

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It wasn’t all that long ago that banking customers were defined by their account type, which didn’t allow banks to see the entire relationship a client had with the institution. Today, however, the customer is finally the central focus for most banks. As a result, banks are now starting to apply advanced predictive analytics to customer data, with the aim of anticipating a customer’s needs — well in advance. For instance, if a customer visited an information page about mortgages, perhaps a financial advisor should contact the client to go over the often confusing mortgage process. Or, maybe a customer has searched the site for “how to close an account,” following two or three calls with the call center. A few years ago, banks were not able to connect the dots. Today, predictive analytics is improving customer relations, while also providing banks with the opportunity to build stronger client relationships and sell newer products.

Join Bank Systems & Technology for a free 60-minute video webinar to learn about how banks can apply advanced predictive analytics across this organization. During the session, you’ll learn how banks can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs.
  • Uncover business opportunities by analyzing customer data.
  • Reduce customer churn by proactively engaging with clients.

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How to Overcome Data Obstacles to Grow the Business
Date: Sep 16, 2014

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The need for better and more accurate data in financial services is more critical than ever to improve customer experience, grow wallet share, and retain high potential customers. Unfortunately, traditional business silos, lack of a single view of customer, fragmented data management processes, and lack of capable technology are just some of the issues financial institutions face that prevents them from receiving the data they need to succeed.

In this one-hour webcast sponsored by Bank Systems & Technology and Informatica, you will learn what the latest industry trends are and how technology plays a role in helping your institution grow its business with better and trusted data.

By attending this webinar, you will learn why it is so hard for firms to maximize their vast wealth of data and what you can do to overcome these data challenges.

What’s The Right Approach for Delivering Mobile Apps?
Date: Jun 26, 2014

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The mobile channel is growing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, Recent Mercator Advisory Group CustomerMonitor survey results reveal that smartphone ownership ballooned from 24 percent of mobile phone sales in 2010 to 57 percent of sales in 2013. Tablet ownership jumped from 5 percent of sales in 2011 to 29 percent 2013.

Customer adoption of mobile banking is exploding as well. This burgeoning market growth provides unprecedented opportunities – and challenges – for banks that seek to provide innovative mobile solutions to the broadening customer base. Today, it’s become essential for financial firms to find a way to deliver mobile applications fast and efficiently. However, many organizations struggle due to infrastructure and governance issues.

Join Bank Systems & Technology for a free 60-minute Webinar to get ideas about how banks can effectively deliver new mobile applications that will engage customers and drive growth. During the session, you’ll learn how banks can:

  • Leverage infrastructure and architecture to improve app delivery.
  • Accelerate mobile development via effective governance and up-to-the minute tools.
  • Increase business agility to respond to market opportunities and customer trends.
Optimizing the Mobile and Multichannel Experience for the Customer
Date: May 22, 2014

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Mobile is growing fast and meeting customer expectations means addressing the dual challenge of keeping up with the pace of innovation while providing a seamless cross-channel experience. But legacy systems and silos stand in the way of faster innovation and multichannel product and service delivery. Without addressing those back-end issues, mobile could become just one more siloed channel, entrenching the organizational and IT gaps that prevent banks from delivering the experience that customers demand.

At this free one hour webinar, you will learn:

    • How mobile and multichannel are driving higher expectations in customer experience.
    • How legacy issues are slowing down innovation in mobile and turning it into just another siloed delivery channel.
    • How banks can tie the ease-of-use and convenience that mobile provides into a seamless multichannel experience for their customers while speeding up the delivery of new products and services in mobile.

Mobile is becoming one of the top reasons for customers to switch banks, so join us and learn how to differentiate your mobile offerings.

Mobile Banking and Digital Disruption: What You Need to Know
Date: May 06, 2014

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Undoubtedly, mobile technology is changing the landscape of the banking industry in a drastic way. Having a basic mobile banking app is now a pre-requisite to doing business; but with consumer expectations constantly changing and evolving, banks can't stop there. And taking into consideration the unique capabilities of the mobile device -- such as geo-location abilities, photo recognition and social media integration -- the possibilities can be endless. Will tomorrow’s leaders in mobile banking even be banks? Mobile could be the most disruptive and disintermediating force the industry has ever seen.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to determine the features and products you must offer to meet your customer's expectations?
  • How to stay ahead of the game with mobile allowing tech startups to compete right away
  • The outlook of mobile wallets
  • What mobile-only banking means to how you invest in your channels

Register for this webinar to learn what's ahead in the ever-changing world of mobile banking and payments, and how your organization can stay relevant amidst this sea change.

How to Create a Secure Cloud Strategy for Financial Services Firms
Date: Apr 29, 2014

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Financial Services organizations migrating applications to the cloud are looking for ways to preserve user experience; ensure the security of applications and data in the cloud; and select the best network solution that can scale with business demand.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Get to the cloud using best practices, and learn the potential roadblocks
  • See what a well-implemented financial services cloud looks like from a network standpoint
  • Design your network topology for a smooth and secure migration to the cloud
  • Take important security and compliance measures by collaborating with cloud ecosystem partners to protect data in the cloud

Register for this webinar to learn about the important role network connectivity plays in ensuring security, performance and reliability in the cloud.

Automating Stress Testing for Valuable Liquidity Risk Insight
Date: Apr 24, 2014

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First introduced as a bulwark against dangerous levels of risk at the largest banks, the Federal Reserve recently expanded the scope of stress testing to include more institutions and more categories of risk, including liquidity.

Banks can no longer afford to treat stress tests as an ad-hoc activity, rather they should be incorporated into business-as-usual operations and it’s up to banks to find ways to leverage automated processes to meet regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner—and derive insights that can benefit their businesses’ models.

Join Bank Systems & Technology, Oracle and Aite Group for an educational webinar to discover:

  • Leveraging a stress testing framework and processes for all areas of stress testing including liquidity, credit and market risk
  • The cost of using manual processes in stress tests
  • What factors to consider when choosing an automated solution
  • How automation provides a superior insight into the bank’s risk profile, leading to a proactive approach to compliance and better engagement with regulators

Join us on April 24 and learn more about how banks can leverage their compliance spending to minimize the regulatory costs while simultaneously maximizing the potential benefits across the enterprise.

How Cyber & Fraud Affects Digital Banking Strategies
Date: Mar 04, 2014

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Financial services firms are only too familiar with the fact that fraud is a moving target – a costly and complex problem that continues to evolve as criminals acquire new skills, tools and sophistication. The latest challenge in the ongoing fight against financial crime is the increasing convergence of fraud with cyber.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Create an intelligent, speedy and unified defense against external attacks.
  • Foster industry collaboration on cybercrime.
  • Understand the four most common components of today’s cyber-attacks.

Register for this webinar to learn how to stay ahead of the fraudsters and secure the emerging digital channels without sacrificing the customer experience. Learn how combining predictive analytics with advance social network analysis can help banks identify risk, criminality and fraud – and how this can translate into improved revenues and customer loyalty.

How to Mitigate Fraud & Cyber Threats with Big Data and Analytics
Date: Dec 12, 2013

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Banks today are facing increasing pressure to detect and mitigate fraud as well as cyber threats -- both external and internal to their organizations. Fraud and cyber threat schemes are becoming more complex in nature and more difficult to identify, while transaction and data volumes are increasing. To stay ahead of sophisticated criminal activity, banks must capitalize on the wealth of data and information at their disposal. They need ways to analyze all available data, quickly and efficiently, to proactively stay a step ahead of fraud and attacks on their systems.

Attend  this webinar to learn how to:

•   Predict and detect suspicious transactions to avoid fraudulent losses

•   Analyze all available data, historical and real time, to stop cyber attacks

•   Utilize real-time analytic techniques closer to the data to speed up


•   Dramatically reduce fraud and system protection costs

Register for this webinar to learn how to analyze large numbers of transactions in real time and to automate detection and stop fraud transactions or intrusions as they occur. 

Step Up Your Game in Loan Operations in 2014
Date: Dec 10, 2013

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Already a labor-intensive task for banks, managing loan operations is poised to become more complicated in 2014 as new qualified mortgage regulatory rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau take effect. In this one-hour webcast sponsored by Bank Systems & Technology and Verint®, learn how the shifting regulatory waters might affect your institution's loan operations and how you can create a more productive, agile workforce to help you adapt to the changes—and even thrive.

Increased regulatory burdens, a flagging refinance market and increased competition from independent mortgage shops require adapting to change swiftly. Many of today’s back office systems and management processes do not support the pending reality. In this webcast you’ll learn how an enterprise workforce management approach can help you:

  • Better align resources to demands
  • Quickly shift resources from one area to another
  • Process more customer transactions with fewer resources.

With a more productive, agile workforce in loan operations, you can be at the top of your game and better prepared for what’s coming.

Real results: Speeding quality application delivery with DevOps [in financial services]
Date: Dec 05, 2013

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Financial services companies must deploy – update – and redeploy new services faster. 

How can you respond when new solutions require a combination of mobile apps, mainframe systems and external interfaces – each offering a unique set of roadblocks? 

Attend this Webinar to see examples of how financial institutions are speeding “time to feedback” while maintaining quality, compliance and costs with a DevOps approach and tools.  Learn how to:

  • Remove bottlenecks between agile and traditional process teams
  • Speed ‘mobile to mainframe’ testing and deployment
  • Evaluate where you fit in the DevOps maturity model, and how it can be applied to define a course of action. 
  • Compete more aggressively for new customers, and new revenue streams

See how agile, continuous testing, automated delivery and architecture-centric approaches can come together to speed high quality application delivery. 

Register for this webinar to ask questions of the experts, and start delivering competitive business solutions – faster.


New Technologies to Optimize Mobile Financial Services
Date: Dec 03, 2013

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Mobile financial response times, which average more than 10 seconds (Keynote’s Mobile Benchmark for top Financial Firms), are not meeting customer expectations. At risk are customer loyalty, and the opportunity to grow revenue through increased product and service adoption. It is also critical to optimize performance for your distribution partners and remote employees.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How leading financial services firms are overcoming obstacles to fast mobile and web performance
  • How new technologies can adapt web and mobile delivery by device, operating system, and connection quality
  • How to deliver performance that meets expectations of customers, distribution partners and employees
  • How new technologies can accelerate static and dynamic information, images, and video

Register now to learn about new performance technologies that improve web experiences to drive revenue growth and raise customer, partner, and employee satisfaction   

How to Create an End-to-End Enterprise Payments Hub
Date: Nov 21, 2013

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Financial institutions are under intense pressure to grow their business and meet multiple new regulatory requirements while simultaneously keeping costs in check.  How can financial institutions improve business agility, ensure faster compliance and control costs when their current environment consists of multiple single payment batch-oriented systems?

Join Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst in Celent’s Banking group and Kelly Scott, VP Global Business Services at Scotiabank, for this interactive discussion that shows how you can:

  • Transform your existing payments landscape while tactically reusing existing systems that remain relevant
  • Converge payment processes to create an end-to-end enterprise payments hub
  • Align business and technology goals to create new and differentiated products

Gain insight and analysis from experts. Register now.

Getting the Most out of Your Billing Systems
Date: Nov 14, 2013

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Corporate and retail billing represent a major area for banks and payments providers to maximize revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and achieve greater operational efficiency. Yet, many institutions fail to take full advantage of their billing and pricing processes, due to the existing legacy infrastructure that exists with these functions.

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Extract data and get a single source of truth
  • Meet requests for customized or personalized billing and payment schedules
  • Reduce Revenue leakage

Often, complex billing functions are difficult, if not impossible, to perform with legacy architecture. Multiple billing systems make it hard to extract data and get a single source of truth, which makes it problematic to use enterprise-wide analytics to pursue true relationship-based pricing. Tracing accounts to a particular system can be a tedious procedure. And meeting requests for customized or personalized billing and payments schedules can be hard.

Register for this webinar to learn how your organization can overcome the problems associated with legacy billing systems and reduce revenue leakage.

On-Demand Analytics and Banking: What’s the Risk?
Date: Sep 25, 2013

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With globalization and regulations like Basel III, banks need to make optimal decisions particularly in respect to product development, counterparty credit risk management, and regulatory capital. Join IBM and Excelian as they look at how organizations are enabling better, “real time” intelligence in multiple areas from risk management to trading through ongoing system/IT integration, consolidation and evolution.

Register for this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Gain key findings from surveys of banks on analytics and their challenges
  • Understand the impact of CVA and IMM on risk/IT system
  • See what role big data plays

Attend this webinar to learn best practices and technologies that can help banks make the right decision at the right times with the right analytical tools and right data.

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