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Steve Jobs: Are You Experienced?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs' skill in anticipating the ways consumers want to interact with next-generation technologies has vaulted his company to the top and changed the game for everyone else.

Apple didn't make the first MP3 player, or the first smartphone, or the first tablet. But thanks to CEO Steve Jobs' vision, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company has redefined the technology user's experience.

The iPod, iPhone and iPad have put users in control of technology like never before. And the proliferation of these devices has recast consumer expectations, driving changes in how businesses, including banks, service customers.

Despite its hefty price tag, the iPod, released in October 2001, swept the country and set the standard for hand-held devices -- and the user experience -- through the decade. As competitors mimicked the iPod's value proposition, however, Apple's dominance began to slip. But by then, Jobs and Apple already had moved on from MP3 players, introducing the iPhone in 2007.