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Jack Dorsey: Double Down

Jack Dorsey's twin innovations -- Twitter and Square -- are completely reshaping the ways in which people communicate with each other, interact with their banks and pay for their purchases.

Ten years ago, tweeting was the exclusive domain of the birds. Five years ago, no one considered a mobile phone a viable replacement for a traditional point-of-sale terminal. But Jack Dorsey had a vision for both.

A little more than three years after cofounding the popular social network Twitter, Dorsey went on to create Square, a new mobile payments system that's caught the attention of small-business owners and traditional payments providers alike. He splits his time working on both ventures.

Built on the concept of communicating within a 140-character limit, Twitter has proved flexible enough to connect people, promote businesses, provide customer service, break news and even mobilize social change. Since its introduction in March 2006, the platform has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity.

Among the qualities Dorsey brought the world through Twitter is the inherent sense that everyone -- individuals, customers, businesses and employees -- has a voice. In addition to giving people who engage in the space the sense that their voices are being heard, in creating Twitter, Dorsey also helped banks and other businesses monitor customer sentiment, respond to questions and concerns, and proactively manage the brand.