November 28, 2006

Before you hunker down, all comfy and cozy, in front of a crackling holiday fire, hold the fruitcake and eggnog: Feel like you're forgetting something?

Most likely, you are.

Did you post a surveillance camera in your server room? Check the trash can for discarded disk drives that weren't wiped clean of sensitive data? Do a deep background check on that new database administrator you hired? Look into that new third-party security services offering?

Encrypt the backup of the year-end financial data?

Gulp. Maybe you're not quite ready for the holidays.

You'd better watch out. But don't cry, and don't pout, because you're not alone. Most organizations have at least a few security issues that have been lost in the shuffle, and it's not too late to give them some attention.

So, with the help of Dark Reading's editorial advisory board, we've compiled this list of The 10 Most Overlooked Aspects of IT Security, along with the risks of skipping out on them, and some advice on how to attend to them. Our research turned up a wide variety of opinions on these topics, many of which are environment-dependent, so we're giving you this list in no particular order. You decide which bases you've got covered -- and which ones need your attention.

Consider this our contribution to your holiday shopping list. Post 'em on your blog and the company intranet, pass them on to your colleagues and business partners, all in good cheer. There is still plenty of time to make your own list -- and check it twice.

(Editor's note: If there are other commonly forgotten security measures you've just remembered, we'd love to hear about them. Please send comments via the message board associated with this story, not by email. All postings are completely anonymous. Enjoy.)