Topics: filtering

  • Fiserv Launches New IAT Watch List Filtering SolutionFebruary 01, 2010Fiserv launches new IAT Watch List Filtering solution; monitoring tool helps financial institutions comply with new NACHA IAT rules.
  • Does Money Need a Passport? May 04, 2005The New York Times recently featured a front-page story about how a working group within the U.S. Treasury has been considering the prospect of accessing banks' logs of international money transfers.
  • Canning Spam March 07, 2005Bank of Rhode Island taps Postini e-mail security service to reduce spam.
  • Hedging Their Bets August 04, 2004Bankers continue to express optimism about the business technology outlook, InformationWeek Research reveals. But there seems to be a bit more caution in their forecasts.