Topics: Yahoo!

  • Gone in 60 Seconds October 28, 2004To combat the theft of users' passwords, AOL issues tokens - before banks get the chance.
  • "Dear Mom & Dad: Don’t Send Money, Send Your ATM Card"February 11, 2004Yahoo! and HSBC form partnership to offer a new remittance service that uses the ATM network instead of the wire room.
  • Natural-Language Search EnginesApril 28, 2003Weeding through thousands of pages of Web-site documents to locate the answer to a question can be a laborious process and a challenge outside the scope of many search engines. Now, financial institutions are turning to natural-language search engines to m
  • PUSH AND PAYJanuary 03, 2002The Federal Reserve's announcement that the number of checks written in the U.S. has dropped from 65 billion to 49.6 billion annually is proof that electronic payments is no pipe dream.