Topics: RFP

  • Electronic Signatures - Part II: Navigating the Vendor SpaceJuly 02, 2013In part two of our series on electronic signatures, we discuss the challenges in navigating the electronic signature vendor space and the intricacies that exist beyond the simple capture of an electronic signature.
  • 3 Ways Banks Can Improve The RFP ProcessMay 28, 2013In order to find the right technology -- and partners -- banks' requests for proposals must spur an open dialogue with potential vendors about their culture, strategy and future road map. Here are three approaches that work.
  • Core Replacement Success Begins Before the RFPMarch 04, 2011A successful core banking renewal project begins before the request for proposal is even written.
  • Plays Well With Others May 05, 2004The announcement earlier this month that Microsoft and Sun Microsystems not only had agreed on a legal settlement of their long-standing antitrust, patent and licensing disputes but actually had forged an interoperability agreement seemed almost anticlimac