Topics: McAfee

  • Intel's McAfee Security Plans LayoffsOctober 08, 2012Intel Corp's McAfee security division is planning to lay off a "small percentage" of its workforce of about 7,100 employees, a company spokesman said on Monday.

  • 'High Roller' Online Financial Fraud Ring Robs Big Money Bank AccountsJune 29, 2012Attackers do their dirty work from their own cloud-based server infrastructure rather than on the victim's PC in order to camouflage the crime.
  • Tiny, Evil Things May 04, 2004Much like spam, spyware is a growing problem that's costing financial services firms such as Raymond James & Associates time and money.
  • CALIFORNIA’S NEW RULES OF DISCLOSUREJune 30, 2003A California law that takes effect July 1 will force companies inside and outside the state to disclose embarrassing information-security breaches.
  • Interlinq Seeks Bank Input On New Product October 04, 2002Interlinq Software has formed a steering committee to provide valuable hands-on input as it finalizes MortgageWareE3, its next-generation lending platform.
  • Cranking Out SavingsSeptember 10, 2002Banks are reaping order-of-magnitude productivity gains using workflow automation technology, which allows organizations to map business rules and procedures, and in combination with imaging, to automate the routing of documents.
  • Halifax Installs Antivirus System February 04, 2002Any Halifax machine connected directly or indirectly, to our corporate network must have a demonstrable antivirus solution installed on it.
  • World Briefs December 07, 2001IntesaBci licenses CLS Server; Kosovo American Bank installs Globus; Banco de Bogota signs three-year software and services agreement with Alltel.