Topics: Banklink

  • Florida Bank Lures Customers With Web-Based System November 06, 2002
  • Bank BytesSeptember 10, 2002Wachovia uses networked storage plus data management software from EMC; Capital City Bank uses Series 2000 from Banklink; Fleet Bank installs Core that it co-developed with Carreker.
  • NORTH AMERICA BYTESSeptember 06, 2001Capital City Bank Group to use outsourced Internet cash management service from Banklink; KeyCorp to provide employees with Web access to enterprise documents using software from Mobius Management Systems; Bradford National Bank installs new online teller
  • NORTH AMERICA BYTESJune 15, 2001Royal Bank of Canada to use mortgage management tool from Basis100; First Hawaiian Bank to install Banklink cash management solution; Desjardins caisses selects wireless transaction system from Wysdom Inc.; JPMorgan launches Web service center for bond
  • First United Offers Web-Based Treasury Management Service November 30, 2000First United, Oakland, Md., has begun offering Web-based cash management services to its commercial customers.