Banking Redefined: Capitalizing on Data, Channels & Customer-Centricity

At a time when the public's trust in financial institutions is at an historic low point, banks are at a critical crossroads. They are facing a host of new and challenging regulatory requirements, many of which are severely restricting their abilities to drive revenues. They are under pressure from Wall Street, shareholders and their boards to further reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. And they are dealing with an increasingly tech-savvy customer base that is demanding control, convenience and transparency in all their banking transactions.

But along with those challenges are unique opportunities for banks to build new and more profitable types of customer relationships. Institutions that are able to harness the explosion of data, adopt new digital-based forms of customer interaction, and implement frictionless and secure transaction models truly are redefining the model of how a bank operates, grows and succeeds. The winning bank of the future will be multi-channel but highly customer-centric, digital but personal, innovative but risk management-committed.

At Bank Systems & Technology's 7th Annual Executive Summit youíll gain an insider's access to information about the strategies and technologies that will transform banking as we know it. Join an exclusive group of senior-level banking executives to network, make valuable new contacts, and learn about industry-leading approaches to channel profitability, operational and transaction excellence, and organizational effectiveness. Your participation in BS&Tís 2012 Executive Summit will enable you to advance your organization to a new level of high-performance, insight and growth.

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Seen & Heard at BS&T's 2012 Executive Summit

Hot topics at Bank Systems & Technology's recent Executive Summit in Phoenix included how to overcome barriers to customer engagement, moving from big data to the concept of "intelligent data," identifying the next generation of online banking and how to dominate in a "post-channel" world. Along with the discussion was high-level networking and BS&T's annual Elite 8 Awards Ceremony. Participants in this year's event included CIOs and other senior executives from global, regional and community banks, as well as sponsor companies EMC, Mphasis, Kony, PwC and Yodlee.

Meet Bank Systems & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 Honorees
Bank Systems & Technology has awarded some of the Banking Industry's top CIOs with its 2011 Elite 8 Award.

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Previous Speakers at the BS&T Summit

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