As banks of all sizes refocus on growth after several years of retrenchment and caution in response to the global financial crisis, they face an array of proverbial opportunities and challenges. Advanced capabilities such as analytics, mobile platforms and social media are increasingly "ready for prime time," and banks now can interact with customers and partners via an array of interactive platforms. These technologies are transforming mature business areas such as payments and processes such as account opening - enabling innovative financial institutions to gain better insight into both established and new customers' needs and expectations, and to optimize products, pricing and delivery to improve market share, retention and profitability. It's an exciting time of new beginnings for an industry that urgently needs to adopt new business models and best practices.

But these new approaches don't come without risks, especially in the post-crisis financial regulatory environment where transparency, accountability and deliverables are the top priorities. Smart bankers have to pursue transformation with tremendous discipline, looking to optimize technology investments, limited budgets and resources, and IT partnerships in ways that can provide competitive advantage, not just manage costs. And they must execute this balancing act while improving risk management and regulatory compliance, facing off against new competition, responding to evolving customer demographics and cutting through the hype of promising but unproven technologies.

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