Camilion Solutions is a leading software provider of product development and management solutions that create Enterprise Product Agility for the financial services market.  With ProductAuthority®, a proven product development and management solution, financial organizations can drive relevant products to the right customers ahead of the competition at speed and volume, by externalizing all product components from multiple, hard code operational systems into a central repository, where users can inherit or assemble re-usable product component to modify existing products or build new ones – in weeks instead of months. ProductAuthority provides deep product configuration capabilities as well as a product management and development application that includes automated, collaborative workflows that allow you to track all tasks and participants in the product development process. This provides visibility into the process, the ability to eliminate bottlenecks, perform workload balancing and optimize efficiencies. 

By knowing your products, organizations can improve time to market for new and/or modified products, optimize operational efficiencies by dramatically reducing the business and IT cost of product development, and understand their entire product inventory allowing them to rationalize brands and simplify product maintenance.

With ProductAuthority financial organizations can easily achieve strategic revenue growth and asset retention strategies, such as product bundling, customer-centric product packaging and pricing, and cross-selling.  ProductAuthority also enables risk management by tracking all product changes and decisions as well as ensuring that all systems and employees are using the correct version of product information.

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More than 150 of the world's largest banks in 20 countries rely on CSC.Drawing on more than three decades of industry experience, CSC's globalbanking solutions provide the practical innovation to help you increaseoperational efficiency, provide fail safe choices for growthopportunities and capitalize on your most important asset — yourcustomers. Whether it's CSC Hogan Systems for core banking; CAMS IIcredit, debit and merchant card systems; or check image, e-datadelivery, encryption and archive solutions; CSC has specialized bankingsoftware and consulting to meet your unique needs. CSC also provides afull range of consumer and mortgage loan servicing solutions.

HP Exstream enterprise document automation software helps leadingfinancial organizations connect with their customers through moreeffective, fully personalized communications delivered through multipleprint and electronic channels.

Companies like AmericanExpress, Fidelity Investments, and JPMorgan Chase use Exstream tocreate, manage, and deliver personalized communications — fromhigh-volume bank, brokerage, and credit card statements tointeractively generated account opening materials, institutionalreports, and client reviews.

HP Exstream integrates withexisting IT environments and corporate systems such as ERP and CRM andprovides web services and support for SOA architectures. Find out howyou can get communications to market up to 85 percent faster, reducedocument production costs up to 80 percent, and as much as triplecustomer response. To learn more visit

TeamQuest's Capacity Management software solution enables financial organizations to maximize their existing IT infrastructure, increase operating efficiencies, accurately provision for changing business needs, while mitigating risks. By combining performance data and business metrics, TeamQuest software enables financial organizations to provide accurate, objective information as input to critical business decisions that include:
  • Effectively meeting service level agreements
  • "Just in time" hardware purchases
  • Predicting bottlenecks and key performance indicators
  • Executing  server consolidation and virtualization projects with confidence
  • Significantly reducing present and future IT implementation costs
  • Aligning IT with business unit objectives
  • Avoiding costly downtime via proactive problem detection and root cause analysis
A Fortune 200 company highly benefited from their partnership with TeamQuest by:
  • Saving $22 million in 24 months
  • Not purchasing new servers for 24 months while all projects moved forward
  • Re-introducing servers with new applications while still meeting service level agreements
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