For over 30 years, CGI has provided IT and business process services to financial institutions around the world including 21 of the top 25 U.S. banks and 45 of the top 50 banks in the Americas and Europe. CGI provides the focused expertise, tools and services required to design, implement and operate highly effective banking environments, enabling clients to deliver faster, more targeted services with greater consistency and at less cost and risk.

CGI's services include business process services, systems integration, managed application services and technology management. CGI creates, implements, maintains and hosts proven platforms in critical back-office functions, such as enterprise credit solutions, trade and supply chain finance, wealth management, and business intelligence/data warehousing.

Through CGI's transformational banking approach, CGI helps banks become true service providers by transforming their approach, processes and technologies from a product to a client-centered orientation.

CGI is ranked 15th as part of the 2007 FinTech 100, a collaboration of American Banker and Financial Insights. The ranking is categorized and evaluated based on fiscal year end revenues and the percentage of revenues attributed to financial services, with data gathered from vendor surveys, as well as original research and market analysis conducted by Financial Insights.

More than 150 of the world's largest banks in 20 countries rely on CSC. Drawing on more than three decades of industry experience, CSC's global banking solutions provide the practical innovation to help you increase operational efficiency, provide fail safe choices for growth opportunities and capitalize on your most important asset -- your customers. Whether it's CSC Hogan Systems for core banking; CAMS II credit, debit and merchant card systems; or check image, e-data delivery, encryption and archive solutions; CSC has specialized banking software and consulting to meet your unique needs. CSC also provides a full range of consumer and mortgage loan servicing solutions.

Exstream Software, a subsidiary of HP, helps leading financial organizations worldwide connect with their customers through more effective, fully personalized communications delivered through multiple print and electronic channels.

Companies like American Express, KeyCorp, Fidelity Investments, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo use Exstream's Dialogue enterprise document automation software to create, manage, and deliver personalized communications o from high-volume bank, brokerage, and credit card statements to interactively generated account opening materials, institutional reports, and client reviews.

Designed with an open architecture and robust functionality to connect with an enterprise's data sources, systems, and web infrastructure, Exstream provides a single platform solution for designing, maintaining, and delivering coordinated and consistent customer communications, regardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel.

Exstream's customers get to market as much as 85 percent faster, reduce document production costs up to 80 percent, and improve customer satisfaction with clearer, more relevant communications.

As the world's largest information technology and services company, IBM offers decades of unparalleled experience and expertise in the banking industry. IBM and our Business Partners are committed to helping banks capitalize on innovation to become a more customer-focused enterprise, achieve operational efficiencies through progressive back office renovation, and leverage compliance and risk management in a way that creates new value for the business, resulting in sustainable growth and market share. Extensive skills in business and technology, investments in industry specific research, and proven solution framework and process models allow IBM to start projects quickly and deliver early results while minimizing risk. Please visit for more information.

With business and economic uncertainties around us, banking executives are seriously considering variablizing their cost structures and driving improvements initiatives besides revenue enhancements. iGATE has assisted firms by delivering Output and Outcome based services in Technology and Back-Office operations on a transaction pricing model. This allows iGATE to optimize technology and business operations seamlessly and offer our banking customers substantial and sustainable benefits every year. The benefits are cost reduction, quality improvements and reduction in cycle time with transaction pricing. NASDAQ listed iGATE is a $ 300 million organization with 7,000+ employees and follows Global Delivery Model to deliver IT and Process Outsourcing services to our retail and commercial banking customers. The Company services more than 300 clients across five continents. Clients rely on iGATE for high quality service, responsiveness, and cost-effective global reach. Please visit iGATE at

As one of the most profitable and visible industries in the world, banking constantly deals with changing regulations, risk management and watchful, informed customers. Banks today no longer have the luxury of being reactive - waiting for loyal customers to walk into the branch, deposit their money and walk out satisfied. Globalization, competitions, shrinking margins, increased accountability and spiraling debt, all are forcing banks to reassess their strategies and invest more heavily in resources that will turn data into intelligent business decisions. SAS(R) Banking Intelligence Solutions integrate, streamline and speed up processes that will put you on the fast track to increased ROI through enhanced risk management, improved customer profitability, better operational efficiency and more accurate performance measures. With SAS software, banks have a differentiating commodity, the power to know how to transform data into a healthier return on equity.

Versabanq Innovations Inc. provides state of the art, reliable and versatile information technology solutions for financial institutions, including a fully functional Basel II-compliant solution built into our loan origination and management system. Using the latest internet-age software development techniques, Versabanq gives our customers the opportunity to offer entirely new kinds of financial services and products to previously unreachable markets.

Versabanq currently offers two banking solutions that can be used by any financial institution and were built by a bank, for a bank. Both the Asset Management System (AMS) and Deposit Management System (DMS) are Windows-based proprietary software programs originally developed and designed to spec for Pacific & Western Bank of Canada - Canada's most efficient national bank.

AMS is a loan origination and management application that was originally custom-designed to handle highly complex commercial lending. It is very powerful and is flexible enough to handle any conceivable type of commercial or retail lending transaction. AMS has full Basel II compliance and reporting built into the application — an important plus for the U.S. banking industry as the global standard of Basel II will be mandated in the near term. Basel II compliance is a very costly and time-consuming undertaking that can be fully and cost-effectively addressed by the adoption of AMS as your lending management tool. AMS is workflow-based with a wide variety of e-mail alerts and full audit trails. Additionally, it manages and provides detail reports on the full lifecycle of its diverse portfolio of loan, lease and mortgage assets including both demand and term credit facilities.

DMS manages and provides detail reports on its investment products such as guaranteed investment certificates, retirement savings plans, and daily interest savings accounts. DMS is a proven application that allows any financial institution to leverage the national network of deposit brokers to generate deposits to fund loans.

Both systems were designed to provide maximum flexibility while incorporating strong internal control features and reporting as well as being scalable to any size organization or loan portfolio.

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