April 05, 2012

In spite of a media conference call this week, details about the Global Payments breach that broke late last Friday remain sparse. But that hasn’t stopped the security community from speculating about the potential lessons we may learn from this latest megabreach. Though the conjecture covers numerous angles, the thematic elements tend to converge on authentication, both at the administrator account level, where many of these breaches occur, and at the card-holder level, when transactions are processed.

According to a conference call early on Monday, Paul Garcia, Global Payments CEO and chairman, reported that early forensics reports from his company show the breach affected Track 2 data from approximately 1.5 million cardholders. He also claims only a small number of Global Payments servers were affected by the breach.

Beyond these few explanations, though, the details from the call were incredibly light. and Global Payments did not field media questions following the call.

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