July 27, 2010

Tripwire product manager Michael Thelander says the development process is a balance between knowing what customers need right now and knowing where the industry is going in the future.

"We try to look as far out at security and compliance trends, and at what our customers need right now," he says.

Tripwire, an IT security and compliance automation solutions provider, yesterday announced the availability of the latest version of its configuration control and file integrity monitoring solution, Tripwire Enterprise 8.0, which now includes Remediation Manager, a capability that automatically repairs configuration errors reported by Tripwire Enterprise's Compliance Policy Manager. The new functionality is what Thelander believes will bridge the gap between security and compliance.

"We do what we do based on establishing security and a record of exchange first and then helping you maintain compliance," he says. "Security, vulnerability and compliance really go hand in hand."

Thelander says in the last decade he's seen Tripwire grow from a one-trick pony to a company with more diverse product lines and functionalities, largely in part because of what customers demand. Ultimately it's an effort to meet the needs of customers who wish to reduce the burden on staff or simply do more with less.

"I think everybody can relate to that regardless of industry and regardless of compliance pressure," Thelander says.