Five IT Security Predictions for 2013

Independent IT auditor Coalfire offers its list of what will be top of mind for IT security pros in 2013.
January 11, 2013

Mobile Concerns

The Migration to Mobile Computing Will Accelerate and the Flaws of Mobile Operating Systems Will Become Known

Look out for Windows 95 level security on iOS, Android 4 and even Windows 8 as consumers continue to connect to bank and investment accounts - as well as other important personal and professional data - on smartphones and tablets, says Dakin.

As of today, there is no way to secure an unsecured mobile operating system (OS), Dakin notes, adding that that some risks can be mitigated, but many vulnerabilities remain and this lack of mobile device and mobile network security will drive protection to the data level. Expect to see a wide range of data and communication encryption solutions before you see a secure mobile OS, he says.

He also predicts this lack of security, combined with the ever-growing adoption of smartphones and tablets for increasingly sensitive data access, will result in a systemic loss for some unlucky merchant, bank or service provider in 2013, that will affect more than 1 million users and cause a loss of at least $10 million.

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