Five IT Security Predictions for 2013

Independent IT auditor Coalfire offers its list of what will be top of mind for IT security pros in 2013.
January 11, 2013

Cloud Computing

Government Will Lead the Way in the Enterprise Migration to "Secure" Cloud Computing

Coalfire believes the fledgling FedRAMP program will continue to gain momentum and there will be more than 50 enterprise applications hosted in secure federal clouds by the end of 2013. Additionally, commercial cloud adoption will have to play catch-up to the new benchmark that the government is setting for cloud security and compliance, and it is expected that more cloud consumers will want increased visibility into the security and compliance posture of commercially available clouds, predicts Coalfire.

Also on the cloud front, Dakin believes another major issue for 2013 is that the adoption of cloud in mobile technology for electronic banking is going forward without any platform validation.

"Today, consumers are not thinking when they access their e-banking accounts on their phone or mobile devices, whether or not this cloud networking connection is safe," he says. "When in fact, none of the phone operating systems are safe. The financial services sector has been slow in providing industry certification for platforms, and as we move into 2013, this issue on the lack of security in those emerging technologies can and will most likely become a problem."

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