April 11, 2011

Bank of North Carolina is turning to IronKey's Trusted Access for Banking, a security solution that provides a secure online banking environment via portable USB device, as an option to enhance security -- and add peace of mind -- to its commercial banking customers.

The $2.2 billion asset size bank based in High Point, N.C., announced the product Monday, saying the initial launch brings Trusted Access for Banking will add another proactive layer to its online banking security.

"Most banks that you see implement secure practices are in a reactive mode.," says Debbie Myers, SVP e-Banking and business services manager for the Bank of North Carolina. "We didn’t want to be the bank reacting to something."

Myers says the high volume of payments and account transfers initiated by commercial banking clients lends itself to the Trusted Access product, which provides a secure conduit to online banking services free from the threat of trojans and malware.

"But we will offer this to consumers," at some point, Myers adds. "It's a product that anybody can use and have peace of mind."

IronKey conducted on-site training for Bank of North Carolina staff, who were also offered their own USB devices to use, Myers says. She adds that the bank's customers are aware of the threats to online banking, and are receptive to tools the bank offers to ensure security.

"Most of our customers know somebody that’s been affected, or they themselves have been compromised," she says.

While Myers says Bank of North Carolina's online banking site is secure, she emphasizes that layered security measures go a long way to detract a threat.

"Our banking site is secure and we know that we have the security measure on the bank," Myers says. "But you can’t measure your customers’ PCs. You can only add various layers of security."