Financial Services Reaction to the Presidential Election

In the few days since the presidential election was decided late Tuesday evening, there has been much speculation as to how the result will affect the banking industry. Does an Obama re-election mean more regulations for the industry? Does this mean key aspects of Dodd-Frank will not be overturned? And how will the outcome affect the economy? Bank Systems & Technology has compiled some of the best quotes from the financial services industry about how the election results may affect the future of banking.
November 09, 2012

2. Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

The banks are going to take it hard. You can expect bankers to act more like robots. Wait till you try to get a loan. It won't be easy.

— UNC Charlotte finance professor Tony Plath, commenting that an Obama victory will lead to bank regulators demanding higher capital requirements, a limitation on banks' ability to fight claims brought by government consumer advocates and the banking industry limiting lending and service to minimize risk.

Source: Charlotte Business Journal

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