A new wave of financial technology startups is making data analysis easier and more accessible to users. Seeking to disrupt the old business models of traditional financial analysis platforms, these new Web-based software startups are more open, collaborative, visually intuitive and cloud-based.

"The startup community is pretty robust right now," comments Adam Honore, founder of MarketsTech LLC, a firm that provides strategic advice and guidance to technology companies entering capital markets and other industry verticals.

Today's startups are able to use Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Edge, and Google Cloud Platform, so they can control their costs. "The barrier to entry from a cost perspective is relatively non-existent," says Honore. "That's one of the fundamental changes from the past. "Now if you have a good idea, it's $400 to test it and not $400,000," he says, adding, "No one asks you to sign requisition contracts for servers." The whole premise of a startup is zero overhead," says Honore. "With cloud computing, you're completely elastic; you consumer what you need, when you need it," he says.

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