Maximizing access to global markets is about survival, according to TABB Group at the MarketTech 2013 TabbFORUM conference. Panelist Brennan Carley, Global Head of Elektron and Enterprise Platform, Thomson Reuters adds that to stay on top there are opportunities for innovation in all different layers of a business, be it at the raw telecommunication or up in the execution layer. "To be relevant to the financial industry you must look at all the different layers of connectivity."


As Will Rhode, principal, director of fixed income research at TABB Group puts it, there's a trade off between trying to know where you're going to connect and where you want a certain rigidity of structure. If markets change in some substantial way, new regulations comes in, or a whole market moves form one place to another, you what to be able to connect with that market without necessarily finding you've got to completely re-architect your infrastructure. Read full story on Wall Street & Technology

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