According to the results of Ernst & Young's 16th annual Global Information Security Survey, 48% report a lack of skilled resources is one of the main obstacles in confronting cyber threats.

In an interview, Chip Tsantes, principal in the Financial Services Office of Ernst & Young, says this shortage of skill is making firms more conscious about directing skilled resources, the problems they attack, where they outsource, and focus on the tasks with the most benefit for the organization.

"We're seeing willingness to outsource more commodity services, and pay for good talent inside," says Tsantes. When asked if companies are looking to increase investment in tools and services he says, "There are few tools that come and don't require team to work on them. I see clients that buy tools and use only 10% of its capabilities, or become shelf-ware. You need to go in with eyes wide open. Sometimes there's a disconnect between the resources required to keep a tool operating the way it should." Read full story on Wall Street & Technology

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