The distributed denial-of-service attacks hitting financial institutions continues to concern many security experts, but looking for evidence of the attacks serves up a meager helping of data points that belies the seriousness of the problem, say infrastructure and security experts. Website monitoring firm Netcraft, for example, has documented downtime at major banks lasting hours over the past few weeks, but no crippling outages. Internet monitoring provider Renesys has also seen few signs of the attacks. Perhaps the most convincing data comes from Web-outage complaint portal, which has collected hundreds of bank-outage reports in the past month. Yet there is no way to confirm the reports are true. While the lack of external evidence has led some commentators to downplay the attacks, the problem is that the organizations who have the most data are not talking about the issues publicly, says Earl Zmijewski, vice president and general manager at Renesys. "The peo... Read full story on Dark Reading

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