When it comes to big data, most CIOs find themselves in the same boat as Bill Chalmers, beleaguered main character of the novel The Diagnosis . Chalmers work involves an ever-expanding swamp of data. He uses every trick available to master it. He can't keep up. No one in his office can. In a cunning plot element, when he suffers a mysterious ailment, no amount of information seems to help the doctors diagnose him.

Chalmers' world provides an apt metaphor for today's, where information expands exponentially, straining our capability for understanding. Now we've got unstructured data pouring in from sensors, mobile apps, GPS and other real-world, real-time sources. Must we suffer like Chalmers and his hated boss, Stumm, who secretly brings his wife in at night to help him try to catch up?

Perhaps not. Chalmers didn't have Mashup Analytics. ... Read full story on InformationWeek

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