Richard Thomas, the CIO of Quintiles, thinks his IT team's most critical skills need to be making other people in the company look good.

Now, that approach could be a disaster if used as an excuse for IT to stay in a back-office, just-support-the-business role. But Thomas and his team are doing it right, as Thomas explained to the InformationWeek 500 Conference last month. (See the video below.)

Quintiles provides services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help them run clinical trials. Thomas has spent the past seven years as CIO of Quintiles pushing the IT team to be a revenue generator as part of that effort. In doing so, however, Thomas isn't trying to build a fiefdom of software products that he and his IT team runs. And that's where making others look good comes in: When IT sees a way to make money selling IT products or IT services, it looks for the right business units to partner with, and lets them champion it and carry it forward. Read full story on InformationWeek

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