In the last 14 years we have seen several financial scandals in the United States. Each case essentially stands on its own without a line to connect the dots to other events. However, mistakes are repeated often when you look at these types of scandals. Senthil Radhakrishnan Virtusa Senthil Radhakrishnan Virtusa Consulting Private, Ltd.

But are U.S. regulators putting the systems and tools in place to bring an end to these scandals, or are the new rules simply tactical patchwork? The Enron scandal decimated $60 billion of market value and after two or three years with little path breaking innovation, U.S. economic world dominance declines. There is a dearth of economic growth drivers and the the Iraq war doesn't even spur the economy. The world's biggest economy changes to buying and selling property and a massive financial system is built around it to transact securitized mortgages and other creative financial instruments. As we all know, the huge debt bubble burst, crippling the economy, hurting common citizens and all but freezing the financial markets for period of time. Read full story on Wall Street & Technology

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