Distributed denial-of-service attacks have become a staple in the arsenal of cyber attackers, and new research shows the average size of a DDoS attack is on the rise.

According to security firm Arbor Networks, nearly half (46.5%) of attacks are now larger than 1 Gbps, an increase of 13.5% from 2012. In the first half of this year, there has been more than double the total number of attacks of more than 20 Gbps than there were in all of last year. In addition, the proportion of attacks in the 2- to 10-Gbps range has more than doubled as well, from 14.78% to 29.8%.

Arbor's findings are based on traffic data the company collected anonymously from more than 270 service providers.

"The fact that an average attack is now over the 2-Gbps threshold means that it can saturate the Internet connectivity of a high proportion of businesses," Darren Anstee, solutions architect at Arbor Networks, said in an interview. ... Read full story on Network Computing

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