There's a huge mindset out there that once you have a backup in place you can forget about it. For a startling 23.8% of companies surveyed across multiple industries that have never once checked their backup system, a rude awakening is likely in store.

"We see hedge funds with no clue what they need to do, just that they need a solution that puts them in compliance," says Jennifer Walzer, CEO of BUMI (Back Up My Info), a provider of managed online backup, recovery and compliance solutions for mid-sized businesses.

The chance that a server is eventually going to crash is about 100%, Walzer says. Firms may try to prepare with a recovery plan and a software to back it up, but nobody is monitoring it everyday. It's understandable, she adds, firms have so much to deal with, neither the executives nor their IT staff want to be distracted. Read full story on Wall Street & Technology

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