Attracting top talent is harder than ever for CIOs, CTOs and IT managers. That makes retaining the "A" performers on your current team all the more crucial. So why do your best people keep leaving for other jobs?

There's a diverse set of reasons why IT pros seek greener pastures in another organization, ranging from the empirical -- a 30% raise, say -- to the anecdotal. Perhaps their boss' idiosyncrasies drive them to the loony bin.

What's clear is that finding qualified replacements for departing staff is no easy task. A recent HDI research report calls the current IT labor market a "war for talent." The issue is not finding candidates; post a job opening online and you'll likely be inundated with resumes. The problem is finding qualified candidates with the right set of technical skills for the job, according to HDI director of... Read full story on InformationWeek

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