September 01, 2003

As an added offering to its home mortgage services, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (Des Moines, Iowa) has implemented an emergency customer service response line for customers whose homes and businesses have been impacted by natural disasters and severe weather.

The toll free number was set up last year to aid victims who were affected by severe storms in the Kansas City area. This year, the customer service number has been set up again because of the recent fires in Arizona.

"The customer service team takes information (from) customers whose property has been damaged by the storm," reports Mark Baldwin, servicing communications manager at Wells Fargo.

The disaster call center team, located in San Bernardino, Calif., is prepared to expedite all insurance and/or payment moratorium requests. The service is implemented depending on call flow (an upturn in calls related to a catastrophe indicates a need to relaunch the service). When the heavier influx of calls comes to an end, normal procedures are reinstated and customer calls are directed back to regional calling centers.