September 30, 2008

VeriFone Holdings (San Jose, Calif.) has launched its small-footprint Vx 700 electronic payments module that's outdoor-ready for use in kiosks, vending machines, ticketing devices and other unattended systems. payment solution is Outdoor-Ready for Use in Kiosks, Vending Machines, Ticketing Devices and Other Unattended Systems

Designed to meet stringent PCI PED and EMV security standards, the Vx 700 integrates with VeriFone's SCR710 secure card reader and an external contactless payments interface in a solution for multiple electronic payments. The entire device, including keypad and high-resolution display, is built to fit into standard bill acceptor cutouts making it simple to extend support for magnetic stripe, chip cards and contactless payments into traditional cash-only kiosks, ticketing and vending machines, says VeriFone.

The Vx 700 is suited to applications such as parking payment machines that utilize low-power modes when idle, but must power up quickly when a customer is ready to use them. For vending applications, the Vx 700 is designed to meet both EVA and NAMA size specifications for maxi bill acceptors common to most machines deployed today. In addition to secure payment capabilities, the Vx 700 can be used as a vending machine controller or as a transit payments processing engine.