March 27, 2012

U.S. Bank announced today that it will begin offering EMV-enabled corporate credit cards to its U.S. customers who travel internationally.

The U.S. Bank Global EMV card contains the mag-stripe technology used in the United States, but also includes the EMV chip technology widely used in Canada, Europe and other places around the world. Combining both technologies on one card ensures that purchases can be processed around the world and also gives employers a way to introduce EMV technology to their cardholders, the bank said.

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The EMV card is being offered as an optional component on most U.S. Bank commercial card lines and as a standard offering for the U.S. Bank Executive and Executive Platinum cards. It is available on both Visa and MasterCard platforms.

"For international business travelers, the U.S. Bank Global EMV Card delivers greater convenience and compatibility with overseas merchants," said Jeff Rankin, senior sales and marketing officer for U.S. Bank Corporate Payment Systems, in a written statement. "It allows cardholders to go anywhere in the world with confidence. This natural evolution of our travel card offering promises to bring more global consistency to our customers."

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