July 20, 2009

SWIFT Components (Prague) launched a new SWIFT messages processing toolkit for Microsoft's .NET protocol. SWIFT Framework.NET is a system for capturing, validation and processing SWIFT messages within an organization's information systems infrastructure. SWIFT Framework.NET integrates with existing IT systems and can be a base to build a clean and compatible SWIFT messaging system, according to the company.

The system is Microsoft BizTalk XML schema and object model compatible without the need to install BizTalk itself. It also supports all SWIFT messages categories. SWIFT MT messages are divided into 10 categories related to particular financial instruments or services. The object model contains 323 SWIFT Message Types.

SWIFT Framework.NET is designed to provide .NET developers with an easy-to-use and understand object model for parsing, validation and manipulation of all 323 SWIFT messages. Validation is a core functionality of SWIFT Framework.NET to enable integrators the ability to create simple business rules.