November 19, 2008

Panini (Dayton, Oh.), a payments technologies provider, has added new capabilities to its Vision X check scanners. Vision X now includes ultrasonic double document detection technology and offers the ability to read magnetic stripe data.

The optional ultrasonic double document detection technology is designed to enable highly effective and accurate detection of more than one item in the document track, regardless of document thickness or colors. Traditional infrared technology often reports false double feeds, unnecessarily halting the transaction and requiring user intervention. Ultrasonic technology is able to accurately discern true double feed conditions, resulting in a smoother workflow with fewer interruptions, higher user satisfaction, and lower cost of operation.

Panini has also developed an optional magnetic stripe data reader with the check scanner, reducing the need for additional equipment while providing the opportunity to process multiple forms of identification and read data on credit and debit cards. This capability is another example of Panini adding functionality to its core Vision X check processing platform, reducing space and capital investment requirements for users of Panini technology.