November 03, 2009

Electronic payment security technology provider MagTek launched the newest component of its MagneSafe family of secure card reader authenticators—Centurion.

According to MagTek, Centurion meets all 14 points indicated in Visa's recently published global industry standard best practices for data field encryption and exceeds PCI DSS requirements for protecting card data.

Centurion uses a layered approach to securing card data and preventing card fraud. It reads and encrypts data at the earliest possible point using AES and triple DES algorithms and a distinct key per swipe.

The company has also introduced MagneSafe IntelliHead, a modularized, three-track secure card reader authenticator for protecting card data and preventing counterfeit card fraud.

MagneSafe IntelliHead is suitable for the newest designs in outdoor ATM, kiosks and POS devices. It encapsulates its tiny MagnePrint ASIC and communications electronics into a three-track sensor permitting easier deployment for OEM integrators.

Finally, MagTek announced that Cottonport Bank of Cottonport, La., implemented its IntelliCAT system for providing customers with personalized, instant issue debit cards.

MagTek IntelliCAT instantly issues secure debit, credit, ATM and gift cards with consumer-selected PINs at any of a bank's branches.