September 05, 2012

FIME, a consulting and testing services provider, and card analysis provider Barnes International released the first testing tool to meet MasterCard Worldwide's new card personalization validation (CPV) requirements. The tool will help MasterCard issuers ensure that their products will pass MasterCard's certification testing, Christian Delporte, the head of MasterCard Worldwide's Chip Engineering, said in a statement.

MasterCard's new CPV requirements were released in April, and outline the level of quality and security that MasterCard holds its issuers to. By using the requirements to test new products from its issuers, MasterCard ensures that new products are supporting EMV and contactless interfaces. MasterCard - like the other major credit card providers - is pushing hard for EMV adoption; last January it announced its "roadmap" to EMV adoption, and has given its acquirers until April 2013 to upgrade their infrastructure to accept EMV.

Banks and card manufacturers issuing MasterCard products can purchase the tool from FIME and Barnes to pre-test their products for the MasterCard certification process for MasterCard and MasterCard PayPass cards.

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