November 09, 2012

Small businesses will now be able to process EMV chip-and-pin card payments with their tablets and smartphones thanks to a new platform called SAIL EMV from VeriFone, a mobile payments solutions provider.

SAIL EMV can be plugged into an iOS or Android device and is the newest addition to VeriFone's existing suite of solutions for accepting EMV card payments with mobile devices that includes PAYware Mobile Enterprise hardware and VeriFone GlobalBay mobile software, the company said in a statement released today. The company also noted that the product will include payment adapters to meet strict security requirement and SDK's for integrating with iOS and Android. Mobile merchants accept payments with the solution through a standard mobile app, and the platform is being deployed in more than 100 countries, cording to VeriFone.

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The platform also utilizes VeriFone's Point Gateway payment-as-a-service infrastructure that enables merchants to deploy multi-channel strategies across in-store, mobile retail and e-commerce. The infrastructure also aids in analytics for business strategy.

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