September 18, 2009

Microsoft introduced what it's calling the next generation financial messaging solution at the 2009 Sibos conference in Hong Kong. The Financial Messaging Service Bus is a componentized financial services industry integration solution built upon the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009.

By providing prebuilt service components, the Financial Messaging Service Bus (FMSB) is designed to simplify mission-critical financial messaging for banks, payments processors and other financial institutions, and provides a solution platform for Microsoft technology partners. The FMSB not only applies to SWIFT or payments, but is extensible across all financial messaging systems as an integration framework allowing new solutions to be built and to co-exist with legacy applications as part of a technology renewal program, said Microsoft. The FMSB supports Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for SWIFT, which has been awarded the SWIFTReady Financial EAI 2009 label.

Due to the fact that it's built using componentized SOA format, the FMSB can help cut development costs and speed implementation, versus requiring onsite process engineering.

The FMSB uses the Microsoft BizTalk Server Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Toolkit for data transformation and transaction workflow management, and extends the standard ESB to add audit trail and business activity monitoring specific to financial services. Also, FMSB components can be integrated with Microsoft Office products, including Excel and SharePoint, for a complete operations management and business intelligence solution.