January 18, 2012

Designed to provide a single, online solution for clients' currency needs, improved internal controls, and enhanced expense and non-earning asset management, an enhanced and redesigned web portal, Web Currency Services, has been launched by New York-based J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, which provides cash management, trade finance, treasury solutions and escrow services, launched.

Web Currency Services, which replaces a previous cash portal (WebOrder), provides a variety of detailed views of cash transactions through J.P. Morgan's nationwide vault network and analytical dashboards. Clients will now be able to gain further visibility into the following areas of cash management: online ordering and history; deposit details; cash forecasting; and vault trend reports and dashboards.

"We are excited to offer clients market-leading software to provide a comprehensive online tool, with key analytical capabilities," said Paul Jarrett, Senior Product Manager, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, in a press release. "The new functionality demonstrates our continuous investment into this product set, featuring state-of- the-art cash-forecasting technology along with our nationwide vault network for completely integrated end-to-end cash supply chain management."

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