How The Cards Business Is Transforming

Mobile capabilities, nontraditional competition and new regulations are among the trends reshaping the cards business. What does it mean for the major players -- and for banks?
September 06, 2013

Anticipating End Users' Expectations

Jay Cary
VP, Digital Global Corporate Payments, American Express

The expectations and behaviors of corporate clients are evolving, as mobile has become a tool for convenience across every aspect of day-to-day life. As consumers, employees have technologies that make their personal lives easier, and they want access to similar technologies in the workplace. Therefore, it has become essential to integrate with technologies that they've already adopted in their personal lives to foster higher employee engagement within travel and expense programs.

Service and technology providers like American Express have begun to make such offerings available to mobile expense companies. Employees using expense management apps can soon record receipts and manage expenses in near real time on their devices. As a result, companies will benefit from greater compliance and productivity among employees, especially those who frequently travel for business.

As an example, American Express recently integrated with the TripCase travel app. Employees who link their corporate cards with TripCase can view trip-relevant benefits associated with their corporate cards, such as airport lounge access or in-flight wireless, within their TripCase itinerary.

Moving into 2014, expect to see technology providers continuing to focus on adaptable platforms and new integrations that benefit employees and provide scalable solutions for corporations that drive greater ROI and compliance, as well as quicker and more accurate reporting.

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