November 17, 2011

Google announced today it is folding its Checkout e-payments system into into its Google Wallet offering.

In a blog, Product Manager Ben Lee writes that Checkout users will be invited to transition to the Wallet option the next time they sign in. Google said it will work with merchants who accept the Checkout feature to ease the transition.

"We're committed to upgrading our payment solutions for merchants while ensuring they're able to process payments without interruption during the holidays -- so shoppers using Google Wallet will be able to make purchases seamlessly on merchant sites that accept Google Checkout," writes Lee. "Early next year, we will work closely with our merchant partners to switch to the Google Wallet logo and share details on new and upcoming features."

Lee also added that the company will integrate Google Wallet as the payment method on Android Market, YouTube, Google+ Games and many other Google sites.

The full post can be read here.

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