August 24, 2010

Mechanicsville, Iowa-based Bridge Community Bank has agreed to participate in the NACHA-initiated Deposited Check Truncation (DCT) Pilot launching in August. The DCT Pilot will facilitate the truncation of low-value consumer checks between financial institutions. The pilot ultimately will identify and quantify cost savings for originating and receiving financial institutions, as well as the ability of the ACH Network infrastructure to support these truncated items.

For technology support, the bank will use Aptys Solutions' PayLogix system, a platform that supports image exchange, ACH processing, wire processing, payments archives, Federal Reserve messages, least cost routing, in-network exchange payment processing and mobile payments.

Bob Steen, chairman of Bridge Community Bank and a NACHA board member, sees check truncation at the bank level as more efficient than at the merchant level, and expects to achieve cost savings from the project.